edit your listing.

See your name on the directory but want to make some changes? Or maybe you want to delete your entry? You can make updates to your existing listing anytime, or even delete your listing. Keep reading! For the best experience of this page, view it on your desktop.

Step 1:

Step 2: Sign in

Sign in using your Google account or create an AirTable account.

Click on 'Sign in' on the top right corner.
Log in using by clicking 'sign up with Google' or create an account.

Step 3: Enter the space

Select the yellow square that says 'The Brown Creatives Australia Directory'

Under 'bases shared with me' click 'The Brown Creatives Australia Directory'

Step 4: Click on the directory

Click on 'Edit your entry here' as seen in the image. Please only edit this table.

Due to this being run by volunteers, we're operating on a trust basis. Please note that your name will be visible on any changes made. We love you. So pls don't eff it up.

Click on 'Edit your Entry here'. If you are living with disability, you can email us at askuncultured@gmail.com and we'll take care of it for you!

Step 5: Edit your entry

Yay! You're in. You can now find your entry, double click on the field, and edit it as you please. Please only edit your entry (unless you've been asked to do so on behalf of the artist). And then you can exit the screen. And grab some coffee. Or take a nap. Or both.

Step 6: Delete your entry

You can delete your listing anytime by following the steps above, selecting the checkbox next to your listing, and clicking 'delete' on your keyboard. We're sorry to see you go!

Step 7: Donate

We know this isn't the smoothest of processes. For a small price, we can upgrade to a smoother process, increase security, pay volunteers for their work, and make life so much more fun for everyone. If you have capacity, consider donating here. Or maybe your business wants to sponsor us to keep us up and running. Contact us at askuncultured@gmail.com to sponsor us and get featured on the BCA homepage & Instagram.